How many questions there are in your database?

So far the database consists of 1200 questions from the 6 editions of the State Examination of Medical Doctor (SED) held between 2010 and 2012 (2 exams per year, 200 questions each). Every question is supplied by a comment regarding the question prepared by the authors of the database.

Who is the database for?

The database was created for the physicians preparing for the Physician Final Examination (LEK). However, it can be also used for practice by students of medical faculties, as well as by the physicians preparing for the various medical exams.

Can I try a demo version earlier?

Yes, every registered user of mlodylekarz.pl portal has the opportunity to get familiarized with the system and its utility. We have provided 100 demo questions free of charge. Demo questions are available in Polish only.

Can I use the database from different computers?

Yes, but at a single timepoint the database can be accessed only from one computer.

Can I share my login with other people?

No. The access is leveraged for one person. In case of violation of this rule, a user may be revoked access to the database, without the right to a refund.

When does the time of access countdown start?

The time of access is counted in full days starting from the day following the confirmed purchase. The access always ends at 23:59 on the last day. For example: If you have subscribed to an access for 14 days, payment was confirmed on Jun 30, 2015, full days count beginning from Jul 1, 2015 and the access ends on Jul14, 2015 at 23:59.

It seems to me that a different answer is correct than the one indicated by the system.

The advantage of our database is the opportunity to ask a question the author of a comment to the question. In many cases, a brief explanatory statement solves the problem. In addition, user questions and answers from the authors of the comments to the questions are visible to other users - which may also be a clue.

How is the payment for the access to the database done?
The payment for the access to the database is possible exclusively via the PayU system. This allows a practically instant access to the database. Acces to the database is automatically activated after confirmation of payment by the PayU. If your bank does not support PayU, it is possible to make a bank transfer or make a credit card payment to the PayU account, but in this case the activation of the access will be possible after receipt of funds on the PayU account. This operation may take several days. Therefore, the preferred form of payment is a quick transfer. For payment details, please visit www.payu.pl.

Can I check what sort of access have I bought and when?

Yes. After selection of “LEK TESTS IN ENGLISH” from the menu on mlodylekarz.pl a link to the statistics appear at the bottom of the page. In this section you will find information about purchased access and time of access.

I learn to a specialization exam. Does it make sense to use your database?

If the subject of specialization coincides with the subjects covered by the Final Physician Exam (LEK), you will surely benefit from our database. At each specialist exam questions about things quite basic are also present - learning from our database can help to solve them.

How do I get access to the database?

Access to the database is possible for registered users of the mlodylekarz.pl portal. To log in you must register (create an account) on the main portal page.

I bought an access to the database but so far I have not received a receipt or an invoice.

Please check your mailbox, in particular the “spam” folder, because e-mails might have been targeted there, especially in the case of the “gmail” account.

How can I check the comments to questions from the database?

After sending the dissolved test, correct answers appear. Before the questions there is a green "Explanation" sign, which should be pointed with a cursor to view the content of the comment.

I have technical problem, the database is not displayed correctly.
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